Commercial Litigation, Arbitration and ADR

We have a team of experts in litigation and arbitration who combine skills to provide innovative strategies and effective case management. From 2014 when we opened our services to the public, we have represented and prosecuted hundreds of cases successfully for and on behalf of our clients.

We have acted for both local and international clients in commercial litigation & arbitration. Disputes that we have acted for our clients involve commercial disputes, Criminal cases, Labour Cases, Land disputes, Tax matters and Procurement disputes, where we represent our clients in different courts in contentious matters and execution proceedings. 



We have an established reputation of handling complex cases and emerge victors. We represent clients of all sorts including companies, firms, NGOs, National and International corporations and organizations, entrepreneurs and unfortunate individuals who might find themselves in courts of law against the Republic.

Our Mr. Castor Rweikiza (Managing Partner) is the head and overseer of all matters pertaining to litigation. He has over fifteen years of practice and is reputed to be one of the best litigants on the bar. We have handled numerous matters related to sales and deliveries, commercial contracts, transportation, tort, probate and administration, divorces and custody, labour and insurance.

We have expertism in resolving disputes out of court through negotiation, conciliation, adjudication and arbitration. Three of our members are registered Arbitrators and have handled a good number of matters and managed to resolve disputes out of court. This not only keeps the parties’ relationship but speeds up disputes resolution and enables businesses to flourish seamlessly.