Banking and Finance (Mortgages, Securities documentation and Perfection, Debt Recovery)

Banking and Finance is one of our areas of comfort. We have a team of experienced experts in the area led by our Senior Associate Mr. Tumaini Msechu who has had an advantage of working with CRDB Bank for over five years. We do security documentation and perfection of mortgages, debentures, assignments, receivables, loan facility agreements, guarantees and indemnities and security sharing agreements.

We provide advice on all types of secured and unsecured lending facilities ranging from local facilities to cross-border loans, bridge loans, construction loans, asset finance and debt capital markets.

We have specialized skills in transactional banking, corporate finance, restructuring, receiverships, banking regulatory and compliance. We regularly represent banking institutions, both domestic and international, in secured and unsecured lending transactions including syndicated lending, project finance, personal property security, derivatives and equity finance.

We render assistance to banks dealing with distressed credit issues and work closely with restructuring departments to find appropriate solutions in an attempt to recover debts.